Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HR and Recession

"Big Hat , No Cattle" ,this has always been one of the endless rants against HR profession. When you say some one that you work in HR,the usual sarcastic response is "Lucky you,No job at all right,cool man!!!!"
But I am good damn sure,the opinion would have changed atleast in these times of economic downturn.... and they will be able to prove "HR's strategic relationship to business"

Every day we hear companies announcing number of people being voted off the isalnd.I wonder how many pink slips HR departments around the world might have prepared by now...
If Recruitement was the main job that HR professionals was doing in times of Industry boom,Creating Payroll Orphans is what they do now....
But do not underestimate HR's job as just seperating people from the companies ,there's more to it.

Some of the tasks the HR's are fighting with now are

  • Ofcourse Preparing pink slips
  • Finding innovative ways to manage through the downturn
  • Salary reductions through basic pay, variaple pay reductions
  • Though recruitement is very less, most of the companies target on taking aboard people with key skills for specific jobs.beleive me thats the toughest job.People will have to use very creative recruitement methods to keep away from frauds.
  • Talent Management,developing a talent pool with existing employees through career sucession plans
  • very stringent policies in Performance management so that the % of underperformers can be easily pulled out

As one of the talent management fellow of Aviva has said this seasonal change provides Hr with an opportunity to pause and reflect how well HR's have secured the companies they work for!!!!!

I believe if Human resources management stands the tests of this tough times,and prove their mettel, they have gone a long way in proving their credibility!!!!!!!

Happy Reading!!!!!!

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