Thursday, April 30, 2009

A slackaroni exposed!!!!!!!!!

"A beauty neither of fine colour,nor of long eyelash,nor pencilled eyebrows,but of meaning, of movement and radiance"!!!!

I am a Slackaroni !!!!!!
Yes I am lazy always!!!!

I have my own opinion on everything I see or feel...but I am very bad at judging people...

I fight with all my dearesssstttt ...Its my way of showing how much i love them...True!!! I myself is an Oxymoron!!!!

I had eleutheromania as a teenager,but now..No way!!!! Freedom is in my hands with a perfect husband!!!

I was never a head turner, and i wonder how my husband who is a coolo got impressed in me.....

I am a foodaholic, and i love cooking!!!!!

I wait for Shopportunities to Unshop!!!!!!!!!!

I hate people who are Swanky and bad @ mind...I have seen plenty...

I can never forget all the bad words people used on me....Is that a sin?? then i m ready to be a sinner!!!

I have strong faith in God almighty ...but when it is time for my daily prayers i feel sleepy!!!

I believe all the failures i voyaged through give me the confidence to build success....Of course Gods grace!!!!

I hate "dread lines"..No wonder i m still a home maker!!!

I love to "keep it thrill" myself...but never could...


  1. To my dearest beauty queen,
    really i'm proud of being a part of ur wonderful life! i appreciate ur innocent exposure! u r always precious to me, darling!love chris;)

  2. On the outset thank you for sharing with me your delightful blog! I join you in declaring Im guilty of being a Slackaroni and a Shopportunist myself..very refreshing Honey your way with words - very honest and thought provoking to say the least..
    Encore Honey..Yeh Dil Maange More!!