Monday, May 18, 2009

Gatlinburg and Smokey Mountains -Crème de la Crème

Writing a Travalogue is like rewinding the scenes you have seen , getting back the kind of bliss you had during the journey,while your heart and thoughts were wandering through the true gifts of nature!!!!!

The trip we took to the Great smokey mountains was the Crème de la Crème of all our trips. Chic little restaurants in Rural highways of Tennesse,real country stores in Gatlinburg..... The best thing I ate the whole trip was the Peruvian chicken from a Cuban restaurant and the American country side breakfast from Flapjack. My taste buds couldnt believe the tatse of theses food .IT HAS TO BE TRIED TO BE BELIEVED..
We started with the tiny picturesque town of Gatlinburg, in the valley of smokey mountains.It has a population of about 3,800, and was found by the cherokee Indian- hunters. It has now transformed into a mountain resort destination packed up with lodging of every sort,dozens of local and national restaurants and attractions galore.
Some attractions include,Museums,aquariums and a lot by Ripley's,Mysterious mansions,off road voyages,Ski resorts,haunted adventures and so on and on...

But what we enjoyed the best is the walk through the beautiful tiny town,decorated with beautiful flowery plants,as if they have Spring year round....There was no rush,every one was so relaxed.This is what you call a perfect get away from all the hustle- bustles of life in urban/semi-urban life.
We stayed at Deer Ridge Mountain Resorts,which was on the top of a mountain .It offered us a spectacular view of the Smokeys in the night.OF course we saw a lot of moonshine ,since our log cabin had a beautiful patio....Moonshine is something you cant miss during a romantic get away!!!!
The Smokey Mountains was the homeland of Cherokke Indians. we started the great expedition with a small trial to see Angel Falls. The falls was nothing but a small gush of water from rocks.

I have been to many good hiking trails in India but it was not as awesome as this one here...The hiking through the deep dense forest offered us a chance to walk through a population of "Wild Black Bear"- a signficance of Smokeys...That was a Lifetime experience.

Though the caution sign boards about the attack of bears startled us in the beginning,we decided to continue,and later we realised that it was a wonderful decidion to make.

Lot of Hikings and falls filled the days

Finally we took a drive to a loop-Cedar Cove- a 11 mile loop through the wild woods and green pastures which proved to be Incredile. It is a visible reminder of the former use of land and its forests which is slowly disappearing .Run down houses,Old barns,Remains of the fire in 92......A Baptist and presbyterian church ...Can you imagine it...all these are preserved as historic exhibits...All these gave us a glimpse into the way of life of old time southern Applachia....
The 5 day vacation in the beautiful town of Gatlinburg and Applachian mountain chain, charmed me in a way , that i didnt think possible for an average Keralite like me.....
We had more fun,Laugh longer ,and enjoyed ourselves the best in this trip...We are always ready to return to embrace all these again and again...!!!!!!!!!

Happy Reading!!!!!!

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